My name's John Lano - the guy behind I've been a full-time male voice over talent since 2012.

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I've voiced projects for companies all over the world, including AT&T, UnderArmour, Dreamworks, and hundreds more of all shapes and sizes, including Samsung as the official US male voice of their Bixby voice assistant (their version of Apple's Siri).

How can this website help you?

Over the years, people have asked me all kinds of questions about getting into VO.

(If you're in VO, you can probably relate.)

While I don't have all the answers (not even close, unfortunately), I have done some things that have helped me get to where I am today.

You see...

There's a lot of excellent information out there about VO from a lot of well respected, talented people, but...

There's also a lot of bad voice acting advice and information.

And even the "good" information can be pretty dang boring...

Which is why I created my YouTube channel and this website.

To show you, in a fun and entertaining way (I hope), what I've learned about VO and...

What it takes to build a successful and growing full-time VO career.

And if I don't have an answer to your question or if I'm unfamiliar with a certain genre of VO, I'm going to bring in an expert to help us out.

Because if there's one thing I've learned after all this time, it's that you need to understand your own limitations or information gaps.

And it's absolutely okay to ask for help.

If you want to grow (or continue to grow) a successful career in VO, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (here) and join my email list below so you get notified every time a new video or piece of helpful content drops.