5 FREE Websites For Finding High-Paying Voice Over Clients [NOT P2Ps]

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Finding high-paying voice over clients is tough. Finding VO work in the first place is hard enough as it is. Sure. You could use freelance or pay-to-play websites… But that is mostly a big ‘ole losing proposition. The P2P’s cost money just to audition and most of them charge a “service fee” for each project you book. (CLICK HERE to … Read More

How To Get Better At Voice Acting | Morgan Freeman Teaches Us [VIDEO]

morgan freeman voice over

Wanna know how to get better at voice acting? Especially in commercials? Morgan Freeman’s voice over work can help. In this video, I take dive in to what makes Morgan Freeman so freaking good at commercial voice over.   And then I show you how you can apply what he does to your own voiceover performances to help you get … Read More

How To FIND VOICE OVER WORK In Your Own Backyard | Find Local Voice Acting Jobs TODAY [VIDEO]

find local voice acting jobs

Having trouble finding voice over work? Don’t worry. In this video, I take you step-by-step on how to find voice acting jobs in your own community.   The 1st method involves talking on the phone. If that freaks you out, hop to method 2 which goes over how to do it all over email. BONUS: I also show you a … Read More